How To Earn Upto 300USD Per Day With MyLikes

My Story, MyLikes and its Legality

This tutorial is about a Social Web Called "MyLikes" MyLikes is one of the best social network i ever see because it will give you money for your shares and posts. But here is a logic if you follow it you can earn much and massive. I saw my a proof of my friends who was already working on  He is earning almost $263/Day as he was old with MyLikes so he told me MyLikes giving about $1000/Day am surprised how any social webcan giving out such a great money.  His screenshot is below.

I saw a proof of another member of a group i joined. He give out a screenshot of his PayPal Transication.

I tried tried and finally i got success, now i can earn as much as i want ;), because i know how to use MyLikes safely. This tutorial is specially for the beginners see my next posts about MyLikes to make huge money.

Step by Step Method Of MyLikes

All you need just must have or a facebook page having about 50K+ Likes or twitter account having 20K+ Followers more Likes/Followers will give you much more money.

STEP # 1: First of all goto sign up with Twitter/Youtube/Email Account.

STEP # 2: After Sign up just sign in to > Setting> Connected Accounts; and connect all social accounts.

STEP # 3: Now its the time to move forward, just visit you will see here alots of posts and many things here's a screenshots. (NOTE: Every image has two side i hope you will use its good one's, Turn on family safety, Actually here's a small trick if you share family safety posts/ no adult posts it will build your audience and you will get visits more than all.)

STEP # 4: Now its the time to choose right and share posts on your domain. Choose Royalities posts, because royalities posts are those which are more reshared with which you can gain more than ordinary post. You can share ordinary posts too if that was interested it helps you to build your audience. Click on Share > Get Link > Then Copy Link > Share On Your Social Networks, such as facebook, google+, twitter, reddits and much more (I will recommend you to short copy link via or

STEP # 5: Here is another way to make money, by creating a gallery if more and more people reshare your gallery then here are many chances to come in royalities. In royalities you can earn more than all your resharer makes money by sharing your photo. Adding videos are another great option, to earn more than a gallery. For example; If your gallery gives you $0.005/View Video can give you $0.009/View.

STEP # 6: Another method to make and get $14/ 1k views, just upload your own video and promote it and you will get earned with that. But you must will have to know that here is a rule after MyLikes will put a small promotional video inside your video after 1mint its mean if you have upload an video of any product or anything you want but note must be unique. Just upload any video to MyLikes and you have done. MyLikes employes will edit your video they will put there message inside your video and will upload to Youtube for you, on your channel. 


  • My recommended steps for earning. STEP # 4 & STEP # 5 if you can do Step # 6 better then Step # 6 is best then adding videos of others. 
  • Rules of MyLikes are very strict you must needs to read and follow before get ban and waste you money. Must see FAQ and there rules here FAQ for Social Publishers & FAQ for Video Publishers.
  • Use FacebookTwitterGoogle+Reddit, or for getting Traffic to your posts. (Must needs follow MyLikes rules before posting on social website.)

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